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Bathroom Plumbing

Clogged Toilets

Most toilet clogs take place in the toilet itself.  This is because the sewer line under the toilet is wider than the path through the toilet itself.  Don’t worry, we can fix it fast!


Toilet Replace & Repair

We do full toilet rebuilds and resets. A common upgrade is the  “comfort height” toilet.  It’s two inches higher than the standard and we always do a slow close seat.


Bathroom Remodels

This is a large part of our work. A common bath remodel is usually the master bath. Typically we will reconfigure the bathroom layout with a bigger shower and no tub or sometimes a free standing tub. When these are ready for the finish phase people will choose to upgrade fixtures or go to a different faucet finish.


Whirlpool or Bubble Tubs

We install these on remodels. Whirlpools are not as popular as in the past. A lot of people do the bubble massage tub also.