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Water Heaters

The average life of a traditional natural gas water heater is 11 years.  That’s not to say yours won’t last longer, but if it has you’re on borrowed time.  One of the most common symptoms of a water heater at the end of its life is a pool of water on the floor!  So if you can, be proactive!

JEM Plumbing of Mokena can replace any water heater, but here are the three most common sizes:

40 Gallon Water Heater with a 6 Year Warranty

50 Gallon Water Heater with a 6 Year Warranty

75 Gallon Water Heater with a 6 Year Warranty


In apartments, businesses and other special applications there are 2 gallon water heaters, 5 gallon water heaters and 18 gallon water heaters – we can service those too.

The most important factor in replacing a water heater is to ensure that the new water heater has a metal drain valve (not plastic) and a heavy duty regulator.

If you require a PowerVent natural gas water heater, please note that they are about $300 more than a conventional water heater with chimney.


Here are the questions we ask on the phone if you have a broken water heater:

  •   Is your current water heater gas or electric?
    •   Is your water heater chimney sheet metal or PVC plastic pipe?
      •   Where is your current heater located in the house? (upstairs, basement, main level?)
        •   Are there stairs? If it is a walkout basement is there a sidewalk to the front driveway?
          •   When we remove the old heater do we have to walk over carpet? What color?
            •   Are there other things in the way that will need to be removed to gain access to move a new water heater in? (doors, washing machine, dryer etc.)

              Keep in Mind

              Since the average water heater lasts 11 years, we recommend 6-year warranty models, because the 12-year warranty models are much more expensive and they are essentially the same unit.


              Does your water smell like sulphur?

              It may be necessary to swap out your Anode Rod.  An Anode Rod is there as a “sacrificial” structure in the heater, so the heater itself does not deteriorate as quickly.  Swapping in Zinc or Aluminum anode rods almost always cures that Sulphur smell – for only about $80!


              Safe Pans

              To prevent a water heater leaking on the floor we can put it in a “safe pan” which holds water and routes it to your floor drain.  This is available at a minimal cost at the time of installation.