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Tankless On-demand Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are becoming very popular because, if properly sized to your needs, they give an unlimited source of hot water.  If your current water heater leaves one person to shower in lukewarm water, a tankless on-demand water heater is a great solution.

Don’t Undersize Your System!

The system has to be able to keep pace with your use.  If you have the dishwasher, washing machine and shower all going at once, your system needs to be sized to that volume of water throughput.

New Construction? That’s the Perfect Time To Consider Going Tankless!

Since undersizing and longer repair wait time are the two primary risks of using tankless heaters, both of those issues are solved by installing two independent systems, each for half of the house.



  •   Hot water is always available because it is being heated as it flows through the pipe
    •   Takes up less space in your utility room than a large conventional water heater
      •   Tankless systems are reported to last twice as long as conventional water heaters
        •   Lower operating cost (gas bill) because water is only heated when it is needed.


          •   Cost – a tankless water heater costs about $1000 more initially then a conventional water heater
            •   If your heater needs service, typically it takes longer to repair.

              Our recommended tankless water heater is the Rennai RU98:

              Manufacturer Trade Model Number - U.S.


              Gas Type

              Natural Gas

              Installation Type


              Recirculation Capable Yes
              Residential Energy Star Yes
              Uniform Energy Factor 0.92
              Energy Factor 0.95
              Domestic Hot Water Flow Rate (Maximum) 9.8 GPM (37.1 L/min)
              1/2" Gas Line Compatible Yes
              WiFi Capable Yes
              SCAQMD Approved Yes
              Warranty - Residential Heat Exchanger (months) 144
              Warranty - Residential Labor (months) 12
              Warranty - Residential Parts (months) 60